Skyjam Aircraft

We produce paramotors, electromotors and paratrikes.

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Skyjam Paragliders

Skyjam Paragliders is company producing gliders, harnesses and other paragliding accessories.

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Skyjam Zurich

In our paragliding school we teach people, either freeflying or paramotor flying.

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At the beginning was the dream of flying. As a result, today Fly Skyjam unifies the paragliding school (for a freeflying and for paramotor and paratrike flying), and two companies, which produces material – all you need for flying. The gliders, harnesses and rescues are produced by Skyjam Paragliders and the paramotors, electromotors and paratrikes are produced by Skyjam Aircraft. Our idea was to produce modern, safe and high quality equipment, which would fill the needs of our students  so that we could offer to our students the best possible equipment and conditions.